Use the arrow keys to move and space bar to jump or use the mouse to move and left click to jump. Battlezone is considered the first virtual reality arcade game.Gameplay is on a field with a mountainous horizon featuring an erupting volcano, distant moon, and various geometric shapes like pyramids and blocks.The vector graphics resembles the visuals of games such as Asteroids.The player has a radar view to find and destroy the slow tanks, or the faster moving supertanks.Saucer-shaped UFOs and guided missiles occasionally appear,shoot them to get a bonus.The player can hide behind the shapes or maneuver in rapid turns once fired on to buy time.A standard enemy tank is worth 1,000 points, a supertank 3,000 points, and the flying saucer 5,000 points. The guided missile is worth 2,000 points when destroyed. Each of these targets can be destroyed with a single shot from the player's tank.